Shipping and Return Information

Shipping Information

We’ve been trying hard to keep the cost of shipping your parts down. In the face of “cubing” fees and skyrocketing fuel surcharges we’ve done rather well. If you are ordering parts and fast delivery is not an issue, we recommend regular Canada Post shipping. It is the cheapest method and very reliable. Obviously large body parts and items over 30KG can’t go this way, but most everything else can.


Merchandise is returnable for credit or refund within 30 day of purchase subject to the following:

• All return merchandise must be returned PREPAID to us within 30 days of original sale. Collect shipments will be refused. If we have made an error and supplied the wrong part, we will refund the cost of the most economical mode of transportation to return the part. We alone will judge whether or not we have made an error.

• In order for returns to be accepted, goods must be in new resalable condition IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

• Returned merchandise must not have been fitted, altered, or used at any time.



Shipment of Merchandise Returns
To avoid any confusion please note our return & exchange policy:

Subject to our policy as stated above please keep in mind that all returns must be delivered or shipped to us on a freight prepaid basis. Parts sent to us “collect” will be refused.

1. If you order a part and don’t need it, please send it back by the cheapest or most convenient method, freight prepaid.
2. If you need to return a part because it is defective or does not fit, it must still be returned to us freight prepaid.
After we receive a part that does not fit or is defective as in (2) above, we will check or test the part, as appropriate. If we are convinced that the error is ours, we will credit your account for the cheapest method of return shipment to us. In the case of most small parts, this will generally be in the range of $5.

We are sorry that we cannot accept ANY collect returns and here’s why: A small box returned to us by Canada post will cost approximately $11.00. The same box shipped to us on a collect basis by Purolator Courier would cost $45.00. Since we must try to keep ALL costs to a minimum (in order to keep parts prices down!) we cannot accept collect returns with their associated exorbitant costs.
In order to prevent an unpleasant situation for all customers please heed this policy. Obsolete Automotive apologizes for any inconvenience this causes our valued customers.

Merchandise Return Procedure
If the merchandise that you wish to return complies with the policy spelled out above then here is all you have to do:

• Photocopy your original sales invoice.
• Write a short note with your name & phone number indicating what you want done, i.e. exchange of parts, warranty repair, credit against future purchase, or refund.
• Carefully package the merchandise that you wish to return. Use a heavy cardboard box with lots of tape.
• Place your letter & invoice in an envelope, and firmly tape it to the outside of the box.
• Mail or otherwise ship the package to us freight prepaid to our Point Edward, Ontario store. Be sure to insure the goods against loss. We are not responsible for merchandise until we actually receive it. We promise to deal with your returns as quickly and as fairly as possible. Should you wish to speak with our staff regarding return merchandise, please call 519-337-3232.

Warranty Policy
Most new items carry a 90 day limited warranty of materials and workmanship which we will gladly honour. Warranty is limited to repair and replacement of defective components only. Used parts are warranted to be free from defects for 30 days from date of sale only unless otherwise specified. We will not be responsible for labour or any other costs to remove or replace items which prove to be defective during the warranty period. We reserve the right to replace defective merchandise or refund the purchase price at our discretion. Obsolete Automotive solely will judge whether parts have been supplied defective or not.