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TR6 Convertible Top Frame Parts

The convertible top frame on TR6s lasts for a long timeif you look after it properly. The weakest part of the TR6 top frame is the “rear bow” that pivots up and down on two little “hinge things” welded on the backside of the main frame. The hingethings are U shaped sheet metal brackets that are welded onto the main frame pieces. If they are not lubricated regularly (with a few drops of oil), they will rust and seize up. Then, when the rear bow is forced to pivot by the lowering of the top, the pivot brackets will break off, rather than pivot on the rivets… This will necessitate repair by welding, and the results usually aint that great!!!

Always remember to regularly drizzle a little bit of oil on yours.


This is a good example of what happens. The Ushaped pivot bracket will crack and break off the main rail. This one has already suffered that fatebut it has been repaired by welding. This type of repair is not my first choice, but then new top frames cost a bundle…


Top frames become “tatty” in other respects too:

The convertible top webbing (aka seat belt straps) become worn and break eventually. These are cheap and not too difficult to replace.

The Front & rear side rail seal retaining channels get bent and distorted as well. They are made from soft Aluminum and they are easily bent or torn. If the seal retainers are damaged, you can bet that the rubber side rail seals will fall out. Then you will get copious amounts of wind and rain inside, above the door windows.


Here is a perfect example… The side rail seal retaining channels are bent and twisted. In this condition, they will not hold the seals securely. You will end up with lots of wind and water leaks.

They don’t cost much and they are not that difficult to install.

TR6s are one of the only convertibles that I know of that use Velcro strips to attach the sides of the top along the top of the door windows. Eventually the Velcro strips fail, leaving the sides of your top unsecured!

Water leaks at the front are often caused by the header rail seal getting old. This soft rubber strip shrinks and then it won’t properly seal the gap between the front edge of the top and the top edge of the windshield frame. Installing a new header rail seal will help immensely.


The Velcro strips consist of a narrow Velcro piece, sewn onto a black vinyl strip. One side is clamped underneath the side rail channel, and the other “flap” is glued onto the steel frame member underneath.

Sometimes the Velcro gets torn off of the vinyl backing. More often, the vinyl becomes “unglued” where it is contactcemented onto the steel rail underneath.

Brand new Velcro strips are the answer…









TR6 Convertible Top Side Rail Seals & Retaining Strips

On the sides of the top frame, rubber strips seal the side rail sections of the top frame against the top of the door windows.

Yes, it’s a mouth full!

There are Velcro strips on the sides of the convertible top and matching Velcro pieces on the sides of the top frame. If the Velcro doesn’t hold together, the sides of your top will be flapping in the breeze.

While that’s happening, you can bet that wind, dirt, and any water will be finding its way into the cockpit.

Ever tried to hold a conversation in your TR6 at highway speed with the roof up?? Its difficult to say the least and more likely impossible if your top isn’t fully secured.

The side rail seals are moulded rubber strips. The backside of each seal is slotted and slides into a channel shaped Aluminum retainer. The retainer is attached to the top frame side rail with nuts and bolts. The vinyl and Velcro stripping is secured onto the top frame side rail with contact cement. It is also clamped between the Aluminum retainer and the side rail of the frame.

Consequently we strongly recommend renewing all these parts at the same time. It just makes sense!

Convertible Top/Tonneau Cover StudsOn Car Body
Black plastic studoriginally used on most 72 and later TRs.
These studs are simply popriveted onto the car body, or the top of the doorsas required.