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TR6 74-75 MGB 70-74 ALTERNATOR 18ACR – 65 AMP | ELALTERA1811HD

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TR6 74-75 MGB 70-74 ALTERNATOR 18ACR – 65 AMP | ELALTERA1811HD | MG

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TR6 – MGB – Spitfire – Midget Alternator-brand new unit

We now have a very nice reproduction of the original Lucas alternator in stock. It’s an excellent copy of a LUCAS 18ACR unit.

It looks almost identical. Better yet, with modern wiring and electronics from the manufacturer, the output is now up to 65 AMPS, as opposed to 43 amps from the Lucas unit.

Beware of “EL-CHEAPO” alternators from some of the competition. A lot of them look VASTLY different than an original Lucas alternator of the time period. There’s no better way to de-value your sports car than to install a bunch of non-original looking stuff…

These alternators come fully assembled with fan and pulley.

Fits the following:

TR6 69 – 75. Please note that most TR6s from 72 onwards use a ½” fan belt and require a corresponding ½” pulley. You will need to salvage the ½” pulley off your old alternator an install it on the new one because the pulley supplied is only 3/8”.

Fits TR6 69-71 but will require an adaptor plug to convert your “two-plug” wiring harness for use with a “single plug” alternator. You will need to buy the adaptor plug and install it, but it is a simple job.

You can use this alternator on 1976 TR6s (the one with the air pump) if you undo the alternator thru-bolts and rotate the drive end bracket a third of a turn. This is necessary because the alternator adjusting bracket is changed to allow for the air pump mounting on the front of the engine.


Fits MGB 70-74 and 79-80

If you own an MGB and need a new alternator, it is best to have a look at the old one before ordering.

Most 70-74 MGBs (and 79-80s) have an alternator plug with two large spade connector pins side by side, and then a third smaller one.

On the other hand, MGBs from mid 1974 to 1978 have a connector plug that is different-These ones have a plug with “European” terminations. The connector plug has a small pin, a large pin, and then a small pin.

The alternator plug on the wiring harness won’t fit onto the alternator if you have the wrong one…

Check yours first if in any doubt.


Fits MG Midget 72-80.

Fits Spitfire & GT6 71-81