Spitfire Rear Door Post Finishers | BOCAP815137





Spitfire Rear Door Post Finishers

These stamped Aluminum finishers have not been available for many years. We now have a small number in stock.

If your old finishers are missing, scraped, dented, or otherwise in less than pristine condition, here they are…

Each finisher is held in place with a small pop rivet and a small screw.  To replace them, you’ll probably need to unbolt the top frame to have good access. (This only requires the removal of a couple of ¼” bolts on each side). Simply drill out the rivet, undo the screw, and the old piece can be pulled off. Installing the new ones is simple enough. You’ll appreciate having a car with shiny new finishers on it.

Fits any 71 – 81 Spitfire.

LH ETCAP815137

RH ETCAP815138