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Pertronix Ignitor Kit Spitfire & Midget 1500 | IGKITLU141

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Pertronix IGNITOR Electronic Ignition Kits

-The Pertronix system is impervious to dirt, corrosion, or vibration.

Best of all, the Pertronix kit allows you to enjoy the benefits of electronic ignition without being externally visible. Your period ignition distributor will look correct, unless you remove the distributor cap.

Kit includes a Hall Effect pickup with breaker plate mount, magnetic rotor unit, any necessary small hardware, and installation instructions.

These kits are easy to install and the components replace the original points & condenser inside the distributor.

The Pertronix kit is easy to install and does away with the hassle of the points and condenser. Since most distributors have at least a little shaft wear, a system like the Pertronix, that doesn’t put ANY pressure on the distributor shaft, is sure to work better. Dwell and timing will be more accurate. It seems that modern replacement point sets and condensers don’t last very long (maybe because of where they are made- I don’t know really). But doing away with them is a blessing for sure!

Easy to install and comes with a 30 month manufacturers warrantee.

It is critical to hook it up properly though. Be sure to follow the instructions. If you reverse the polarity, you will burn it out…



Below are shown the three basic Lucas distributor “vintages”. For MGA and TR3 particularly, you’ll need to ascertain which model of distributor that you have in order to get the correct Pertronix kit.









Here is a DM2 distributor. As you can see in the photo, identification is easy. “DM2” is cast right into the top of the distributor body, adjacent to the distributor cap mounting face.

Here is a photo of a 25D distributor, also taken from above.

It has “25D’ cast into the top flange as well, adjacent to the distributor cap mounting flange.


Here is a late model distributor out of a 1978 MGB.

The characters “45D” are stamped into the side of the body, above the large Lucas letters. They are too small to be visible in this picture.




Pertronix Ignitor Kit  MGB – Midget – Sprite – TR4A

Fits 1968 – 1974 models with 25D type distributor & negative ground only.




Pertronix Ignitor Kit TR3-TR4-MGA positive ground

Fits all 55-67 cars with 25D type distributor & positive ground system.



Pertronix Ignitor Kit MGA – TR3 negative ground

Fits 55-62 cars with DM2 distributor & negative ground system.



Pertronix Ignitor Kit MGB – Austin Mini 1975-1980 Canadian Cars only

This kit fits all 45D distributors, which are original equipment on later Canadian cars.




Pertronix Ignitor Kit Spitfire & Midget 1500

Fits 1975 – 1981 cars originally fitted with a Lucas electronic ignition. Also fits TR7 if equipped with a Lucas distributor. Will NOT fit TR7 DELCO!





Pertronix Ignitor Kit TR6 & TR250

Fits 1968 – 1976 cars. Negative ground only.



Pertronix Ignitor Kit A/H 3000

Fits cars with 23 or 25D6 distributors. Positive ground only!



Pertronix Ignitor Kit Spitfire 1963-1974

Fits all cars with Delco distributor