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Sprite Midget Front Suspension/Kingpin Kits

All A/H Sprites & MG Midgets from 1958-1980 have a similar front suspension arrangement.  Both cars employ a lever shock on top, which also acts as the upper control arm, a kingpin/stub axle assembly that supports the wheel, and a stamped steel lower control arm.

Early cars up to around 1962 had front drum brakes. Cars from late 62-80 have front disc brakes.  Because of this there are slight differences in the parts.  Kingpins are not interchangeable between drum and disc brake cars.

The kingpin type suspension in these cars is quite reliable but does have some shortcomings:

Stub axle bushes, lower fulcrum pins, and the kingpins themselves require regular lubrication.

Failure to regularly grease the suspension will cause expensive damage to your car!

Symptoms of Trouble

If the steering wheel becomes excessively hard to turn, especially at low speeds, your front suspension may have run “dry”.

If the front wheels suffer from excessive camber (front wheels tilted out at the bottom), either the control arm threads or the fulcrum pin threads are worn out.

Rebuilding the front suspension generally will require that you purchase and install front suspension/kingpin kits and new lower control arms.

The control arms are almost guaranteed to have damaged fulcrum pin threads.

Additional items, such as shocks, springs, tie rod ends etc, may also be needed.



A/H Bug-Eye Sprite Kingpin Set

Bug-eye Sprites & front drum brake Midget MK1s use different kingpins than later disc-brake cars.

The drum brake kingpin set has been hard to get lately. We recently got a few sets.

We’re offering a super blow out deal on them now!

Kit services both front wheels and includes the following:


-Upper & lower stub axle bushings

-Threaded lower fulcrum pins

-Cork seals

-Locking cotters

-Brass thrust washers


Kit does NOT include upper fulcrum bushes or bolts, lower control arm bushes, or control arm mounting bolts/hardware.

Fits Bug-eye Sprite or Midget MK1 (Cars with front drum brakes only).




Midget-Sprite Upper Trunion (shock arm) Bush

*Included in QSK136S suspension kit listed above.

4 needed.  FS-BUSH-Y16



Midget – Sprite kingpin seal-tube kit w/spring

Planning to install new kingpins in your Spridget??

If so, we recommend ordering new seal tube kits. These are new production items and they haven’t been available for a long time. The seal tube set consists to two pieces of steel tubing that slide together and they have a tensioning spring between the pieces. This assembly fits tightly in the back side of the stub axle. This is a very important item: It covers up and secures the kingpin from dirt infiltration. Road dirt and road splash would otherwise leak in, destroying the stub axle bushes in no time!

While these items are supposed to be reusable, often they are not. They tend to rust solidly together. Once this happens, the only way you will be able to get them out of the stub axles will be by bending the heck outa them. And then they won’t be re-useable!

Fits any 63 – 80 Midget or Sprite with front disc brakes.

Two needed per car.




Midget – Sprite Reproduction Lower Control Arms

Most cars need new lower arms by now. Since the lower trunion threads never get greased, they rust away to nothing!

Original control arms from British Motor Heritage cost a fortune.

We now offer an excellent quality repro at a more affordable price!

Fits any Sprite or Midget 1958 – 1980. LH or RH.





Sprite-Midget Lower Control Arm Fulcrum Bush Repair Kit

Want to rebuild your own lower control arms?  It can be done but the job is not easy.  You will need welding or brazing equipment, a bead blast cabinet for cleaning, and good mechanical aptitude to complete the job successfully.  Remember, if the job were easy, we wouldn’t be selling new control arms!

That being said, we are offering the threaded bushing kit at a good deal.

One kit will service one lower control arm.  Fits all 58-80 cars.




Front Shock Absorbers

Midget & Sprite front shocks are of the lever arm variety.

In fact, the lever arm shock is an integral part of your front suspension.  Not only does it provide damping action, the shock is also the upper control arm & pivot.

These shocks fail in two ways:  Either they lose their “damping” action or the lever arm and its shaft become loose in the shock absorber body.  In either case, replacement shocks will be required.

Since brand new shocks are so expensive for these cars, we are offering rebuilt units on an exchange basis. Rebuilt shocks are a lot less money than new ones.

Rebuilt Front Shock Absorbers.

Suitable for all 1958 – 1980 cars.




Core Charges

The core charge on the above listed shock absorbers is necessary to ensure that our

Re-builder has an ongoing supply of “dead” shock absorbers.  If the supply dries up, it won’t be possible to offer rebuilt shocks in the future.

In order to get your core charge refunded, make sure that you send back an identical unit to that which you have purchased.  It must be returned freight prepaid, fully assembled, and in rebuild-able condition.

Please do not send back seized, dismantled or units with broken or missing parts.  Core credit cannot be issued in this circumstance.



Midget – Sprite Front Shock Buffer

Moulded rubber buffer prevents the shock arm from bottoming out on the chassis when driving over bumps.

Two needed.



Sprite-Midget Front Wheel Bearing Kit

Includes inner & outer bearings with seal to service one front wheel.

Fits all 58-80 cars.



Sprite-Midget Front Coil Springs

Always replace coil springs in pairs for best performance.


62-Sept 74 cars.



Sept 74-80 cars (Midget 1500)




Sprite-Midget Outer Tie Rod End

Fits Sprite and Midget from 1958 – 1971.

Fits LH or RH.