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MGB Rear Springs & Rear Suspension Parts

Whether you own the earliest “banjo axle” roadster or the latest “rubber bumper” MGB, they all share the same basic rear suspension.

These cars have a “solid” rear axle supported by two leaf springs.

The leaf springs are quite long and not particularly large. Eventually they settle.

MGB springs get “tired” over a long period of time. They weaken and their arching diminishes. As this happens, the rear end of the car gets lower. Eventually the rear tires sink too far in the rear wheel wells. You may not see it happening as it occurs very slowly.

The ride quality suffers. You’ll notice increased body roll when cornering and tire wear will increase. The suspension will “bottom-out” a lot more often. This in turn ruins the rear shocks and usually the axle straps get broken too.

Installing new springs is a job that most car owners can tackle. It is a nuts and bolts operation, requiring no special tools other than a jack and axle stands.

If you are contemplating doing the springs, all the related parts should be checked and replaced as needed at the same time.


MGB Leaf Springs

MGB Poly Rear Spring Shackle Bush Set

Rear shackle bushes endure a tough life underneath your MGB! The standard, soft rubber bushes that were factory supplied are not really up to the task…

Shackle bushes become worn & loose in a very short time. No doubt the twisting action between the spring shackle and the spring eye is responsible for that!

Loose bushings make for uncontrolled spring movement in your rear suspension.

Worn bushes may even allow direct contact between the shackle pins and the spring eyes. This could be the cause of unexplained squeaking in your suspension and may contribute to a lousy ride.

Our poly bush set will outlast stock bushes by about ten to one. It is a worthwhile upgrade at a very low price.

Includes eight poly bushes.

Fits any 63 – 80 MGB or MGB GT.