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MGB Front Brake Components


CYCALIP27H4651             CYCALIP27H4650

MGB Brake Calipers –brand new

Over the years, Obsolete’ has rebuilt many brake calipers. It used to make a lot of sense. Lockheed brand caliper were $300 to $400 each. You could do a lot of rebuilding in that circumstance!

MGB calipers fail in a few common ways:

-Bleed screws often get broken off. Once a bleed screw is broken, it is usually impossible to remove the broken piece that is seized into the caliper. This makes it impossible to properly bleed the brakes.

-The pistons always seize into the caliper bores eventually. Rust develops on the pistons and they jam into the caliper. Seized pistons will severely affect braking and may ruin the brake rotors from overheating. If things get bad enough, excessive heat will melt out the grease from the wheel bearings, damaging them too!

-As the rusty pistons slide in the caliper body, eventually they will tear the hydraulic seals. Brake fluid leaks will develop and you will have no brake pressure. You’ll know right away when that happens-Your pedal will get mushy or fall to the floor…


We now have brand new brake calipers from XRN in UK. These are brand new components and they look great.

They come with a gold coloured zinc plating so they won’t rust much. They will look nicer for a lot longer than the Lockheed brand one’s ever did…

They are fully assembled with new pistons, seals, and bleed screws.


MGB Front Brake Calipers – Fits any 63-80 car, MGB roadster or MGB GT.

LH  CY-CALIP-27H4651




MGB Stainless Steel Brake Caliper Pistons

MGB front brake calipers have a nasty habit of seizing up and overheating.

It is caused by the rusting of the pistons that inevitably takes place.

Whether you have the original chrome plated pistons, or the more recent dark coloured ones, they always end up with surface rust after a few years. Just a little rust makes the difference between sliding in and out freely and being seized solid!

You would think that chrome plated pistons wouldn’t rust for a long time-WRONG…

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to make any difference as to what brand of chromed pistons that you install; they all end up rusting in a few years.

Here is a fine example of an MGB caliper with “slightly rusted” pistons.

The amazing thing is that the pistons were still willing to come out under some hydraulic pressure-which brings up a good point:

Caliper pistons can usually be extracted by utilizing the hydraulic pressure in your brake system. Don’t disconnect the caliper flex hoses until you have forced out the old pistons…


We now have stainless steel pistons in stock. Better yet, we are able to supply them for about the same price that we used to sell Lockheed brand plated steel pistons for!

Stainless caliper pistons make a lot of sense for an MGB. They are pretty well indestructible and they will never get rusty enough to seize or tear the hydraulic seals.

These pistons are nicely machined. They have a good surface finish and the cut-out is machined on the brake pad face for squeal reduction.

Fits any 63 – 80 MGB or MGB GT. Four needed per car.




Caliper Seal Kit

If you are replacing your caliper pistons, you’ll need new seal kits. The kit contains the hydraulic piston seal, the outer steel retainer ring, and the outer dust boot.

These are OE quality kits. They are much easier to install than the cheaper versions…

One kit services one caliper.



Caliper Bleed Screw

Correct 3/8” X 24 thread.

2 needed per car.



Caliper Fluid Channel Seal

Flat type rubber O-ring, seals the two halves of the caliper assembly to each other.

These seals are not normally required, especially since it is not recommended that the caliper bodies be disassembled.



MGB Brake Caliper Locktabs

Calipers are mounted to the “stub-axle” with two large bolts. There is a locktab under the heads of the bolts. It is really a fancy kind of lockwasher. Its purpose is to prevent the bolts from coming loose.

Locktabs are meant for one use only. A new locktab is installed when a caliper is bolted in place. Then the tabs are peened over with a big screwdriver or chisel, locking the bolt heads.

If you are buying new calipers, you should get two new Locktabs as well.




Brake Disc Back Plates-Stainless Steel

These are exact duplicates of the originals-except that they WON’T RUST!!!

This is one of the more sensible accessory items that I’ve come across lately. Every time I look at the front brakes of an MGB, the back plates are always badly rusted.

Just look where they are located. They are low down and completely exposed to all the road grime, grit, mud, snow, and water that you drive over. I doubt if there is any kind of paint application that will withstand that kind of punishment.

Being stamped from good quality stainless, permanently does away with rust!

Fits any MGB or MGB GT.





MGB Disc Brake Rotors

MGB brake rotors live a hard life. Sitting all winter causes them to rust. Rusted rotors aren’t happy when they “meet” the brake pads on the first driving day of spring. It causes extreme friction and heat buildup. It could cause the rotors to warp.

Look familiar??? Lots of MGB rotors look this bad. It just isn’t safe.


Brand new MGB rotors are only .344” thick. Even with one or two resurfacing jobs, your rotors can easily reach the minimum thickness spec of .297” After that, they become dangerously thin and could break during a panic stop!

If you are servicing your front brakes, we usually recommend installing new rotors.

At the sale price we are offering, it is probably a close-call as to whether new rotors, or resurfacing the old rotors costs less…

Fits any 63-80 MGB or MGB GT. Two needed.



MGB Performance Brake Rotor Set

We now have TRW brand drilled & slotted brake rotors in stock for your MGB.

MGB drilled & slotted rotors offer several advantages:

-Cross-drilled holes lower braking temperature and increase out-gassing.

-Slots allow better dissipation of water and road dirt.

-These rotors are about two percent lighter in weight than stock rotors. Every bit of reduction in unsprung weight will improve handling.

In the past we haven’t carried these rotors because they were always too expensive.

We got a deal on these name-brand sets, which we are blowing out at great sale prices now!

Fits any 63 – 80 MGB or MGB GT. One set includes LH & RH rotors for both front wheels.




MGB Front Brake Pad Set

If you are installing new calipers, we strongly recommend replacing all the items that go with them, including the brake pads.

New brake pads have quite a bit of “meat”, and I’m guessing that your old ones will be substantially worn…

Fits any 63-80 MGB or MGB GT.




MGB Brake Pad Installation Kit

MGB brake pads are held in the calipers with two big cotter pins.

There are also anti-rattle clips. These are made from spring steel and they are held in place under the cotter pins. Spring tension from them pushes down onto the pads, preventing any rattling.

The pins and clips get extremely rusty after a few years. Unless you live in Arizona, or California, you should probably replace yours.

If you are installing new calipers, you should install a new retaining kit for sure.

One kit services both MGB calipers.



MGB Front Brake Hoses

New brake hoses on most MGBs would be a good idea.

Never forget, most of your MGs braking occurs on the front wheels. A “blown” front hose will result in NO FRONT BRAKES and the results can be tragic!

The other problem that doesn’t get much “press” is that the hoses can start delaminating inside. Brake hoses are made of multiple layers of rubber along with a fabric reinforcement. The rubber layers can separate, causing the hose to swell. The high pressure of the master cylinder can usually force fluid thru a swollen hose, operating the calipers.

But- this often leaves the hoses partially blocked. Then, when the brake pedal is released, fluid can’t flow back out of the calipers into the master cylinder. This results in dragging brakes. It will ruin calipers and brake rotors, causing drivability issues.

Lockheed always stated that brake hoses have a FIVE YEAR LIFE. Well, I think that is unrealistic. On the other hand, your cars brake hoses could be 30 or 40 years old!

There are two different front brake hoses used during MGB production.

Hoses for 63-74 cars are “plain”, while hoses for 75-80 cars have a coiled spring-steel “thing” wrapped around them. This is protection against abrasion or other external damage.

Otherwise the hoses are identical.



MGB 63-74 Front Brake Hoses

Two needed




MGB 75-80 Front Brake Hoses

Two needed



MGB Front Brake Hose Washer

This copper washer goes on the hose end that screws into the caliper.

Often needs replacement. Two needed




MGB  68 – 74 Copper Brake Pipe Set

Most MGBs need new brake piping by now. The underbody and rear axle brake pipes are usually a rusty mess. We now offer a copper-nickel alloy brake pipe set. It includes all the brake piping, cut in correct lengths and pre-flared. Each pipe has brass male or female threaded tube nuts installed as needed.

Pipes are rolled up in coils for shipping. Each one needs to be carefully bent to shape to match the contour of your old brake pipes.

Fits all 68 – 74 MGB & MGB GT.



MGB 74 ½ – 1977 Copper Brake Pipe Set

Fits cars starting at 74 ½ (rubber bumper and twin carbs), up till late 1977



MGB 1978 – 1980 Copper Brake Pipe Set

Fits the latest MGB roadsters.

HO-PIPES-GAC5050   Sale $209.95   Reg. $243.75