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MGB Clutches and Clutch Hydraulics


We’ve got all of our MGB clutch parts on sale now…


The hydraulic parts linking your clutch pedal to the clutch release arm are another matter…

That “sinking” feeling on the clutch pedal, combined with difficulty in shifting, are symptoms of trouble in your hydraulic system.

Most clutch hydraulic problems boil down to either of two things, either the master cylinder on top, or the slave cylinder down below, has failed. We have great deals on new cylinders and parts advertised below.


Installing a new clutch master or slave cylinder is not too difficult. It can be done “on the car” with only a little bit of dismantling required. On the other hand, installing a new clutch in your MGB is a serious job. To do a clutch job properly you will need to remove the engine & transmission. If you are going to install a new clutch at home, expect to spend a whole weekend on the job.


Since clutch replacement on an MGB is a big job, spend a few dollars and do it properly.

You might dismantle your old clutch and feel that it only needs a new release bearing or disc.

Believe me, installing anything less than the complete three-piece kit will prove to be short sighted.


MGB Clutch Assemblies

These clutches are made by AP in UK.

We used to sell Borg & Beck brand clutches from Delphi. They ran into a little financial trouble in 2006. Wouldn’t you know that they simply closed the Borg & Beck clutch division after many, many, years. The AP clutches that we now sell are essentially the same clutch in new packaging.

You might be surprised to hear that the AP brand clutches are shipped from the same location in Warwickshire, England that the Borg & Beck clutches used to come from ten years ago…

These clutch assemblies include a new pressure plate, disc, and release bearing

MGB Clutch Hydraulics


MGB Clutch Flex Hose

This short hose connects the slave cylinder to the steel clutch pipe.

Fits any MGB (or MGA for that matter) and 67-74 Midgets.