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MGB Manifold Mounting Hardware

Since MGB cylinder heads are not cross-flow, both manifolds are mounted on the drivers’ side. With the carburetors, heat shield, and all the other stuff, access to the manifold studs and nuts isn’t all that great. You need a ratcheting box wrench to get at the four innermost nuts-combined with some dexterity! It often means that some (if not all) of the original mounting hardware is missing.

There are six studs, along with some very thick washers and nuts, which secure both manifolds onto the cylinder head. It is imperative that the manifolds are tightly clamped. An intake manifold that is even just a little loose will cause poor idling and big running trouble. An exhaust manifold that isn’t tight will get a blown gasket in no time. Having to remove and replace the carbs and manifolds just because of a bad gasket is frustrating as Hell. It will require a lot of labour and “knuckle-busting” just to fix this little problem…

The intake and exhaust manifold flanges are approximately the same thickness where they bolt onto the cylinder head. The thick, large sized washers are there to “take-up” and small height difference between the two manifolds.

Many parts cars have arrived at our shop missing these washers. Often there are regular washers used instead. These are way too thin and way too small to properly secure things. We’ve seen a surprising number of engines that just have standard steel nuts on the studs too. We sell brass nuts for manifold mounting and there is good reason for it:


-Brass nuts are far less likely to seize onto the studs over time. Also, the brass nuts are less likely to be shaken loose.



MGB Intake & Exhaust Manifold Mounting Stud & washers

The manifolds are attached to the cylinder head with 5/16” fine threaded studs, special washers, & nuts.

There are short & long studs needed.


Inner, long, manifold mounting stud.

Fits all 63-74 cars.

4 needed.



Outer, short manifold mounting stud.

On 63-74 cars 2 are needed.

For 75-80 cars, use six of these studs.




Manifold Washer

Large heavy beveled washer.

4 are needed for all 1963 – 1980 MGBs.




Manifold Mounting Nut-Brass

5/16” fine thread nut. Installing brass nuts will make future removal much easier!

6 needed.




MGB 63-67 Fan Blade Mounting Kit

Includes four rubber fan blade mounting grommets and the little steel spacer tubes that fit inside them. As time goes by, the rubber grommets deteriorate and get loose. This will allow the fan blade to wobble substantially on the water pump. At very least, it will shorten the life of your water pump. It could cause the fan blade to fail and break off!

Fits all MGBs with a three-blade metal fan.