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MGB Outer Door Window Seals

Outer door window seals are usually in need of replacement. They are rubber parts and they deteriorate with age.


Look familiar? Door window seals that have become hard and cracked don’t do anything for your cars appearance!



I’ve heard these seals referred to by many different names over the years.

They are often called “door waist seals” amongst other things.

Regardless of what you call them, your car will look a lot nicer with new ones installed.

Ratty old seals make a car look pretty unkempt.

It’s inexcusable since installing new seals is one of the cheaper and easier projects that you can do on a car!

If you continue driving your car with rotten old seals, a couple of bad things happen:

The door window seal “seals” the door window glass to the outer edge of the door skin. It prevents water from running down inside the door. If the seal is old, hard, or has chunks broken away, water will indeed run down into the bottom of the door. Since door drain holes are usually plugged with debris, water will accumulate inside the door bottom. The result is bad news. First you’ll see paint bubbling. Pinholes will follow. Before you know it, the entire bottom edge of the door will be rusted away. Installing new seals when the old ones start to age can largely prevent this.

The outer window seals consist of a rubber sealingstrip moulded over a thin steel core. Age, Ozone and sunlight cause the rubber to become brittle. Chunks of rubber break away, exposing the steel core. Once this occurs, scratching of the door window glass is a big risk. As you roll the window up or down, it may contact the glass, causing scratches.

Scratched windows are unsightly, expensive to replace, and are more easily broken.

The moral of the story; Always replace the outer window seals before damage starts!

Installing new seals is relatively easy. They are simply popriveted onto the door shell.

To gain access, the door top cappings must be removed. This is easy. Simply remove the screws that retain the capping brackets onto the inside of the door. Then, with the window all the way down, the old rivets can be carefully drilled out. The old seal will then lift off the door. New ones are then riveted in place and the door cappings are reinstalled.

Fits any 1963 – 1980 MGB or MGB GT.