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MGB Rear Brakes



MGB Rear Wheel Cylinder

We have MGB wheel cylinders on sale now. Includes the bleed screw and mounting clip. Fits LH or RH.

Fits any 63-80 MGB Roadster (not for MGB GT)



MGB GT Rear Wheel Cylinder

We offer a County brand replacement cylinder for the MGB GT.

The original Lockheed cylinder is extremely expensive. Too expensive to sell in fact!

Fits all 66-74 GT’s.




MGB Rear Brake Hose

Rubber flex hose-connects the brake pipe fitting on the rear axle to the under body.

Fits any 63-80 MGB or MGB GT. Genuine Delphi-Lockheed hose.

Copper washer not included. Listed with front hoses above.




MGB Rear Brake Shoe Set

One set services both rear wheels.

All 63-80 cars, including MGB GT.




MGB Rear Brake Spring Kit

Includes the necessary hold down hardware (pins & clips) to secure the shoes against the brake back plates. Includes all of the shoe return springs. The handbrake springs are not included. They are a separate item and must be purchased separately if required.




MGB Handbrake Lever Spring

This is the spring that is NOT included in the brake spring kit.

It is the funny looking double-coil spring. It is mounted horizontally, immediately above the wheel cylinder. There is one on each wheel.

These fit tube-axle cars only, MGB & GT from 1968 – 1980.



Notice the rip in this boot. Compare it to the new one shown below!



MGB Handbrake Rubber Boot

This boot seals the hole in the back-plate where the handbrake lever passes through it.

Fits LH or RH, 2 needed.

All 63-80 cars.




MGB Brake Adjusters

MGBs don’t have self-adjusting rear brakes. This means that the rear brakes on most Bs are way out of adjustment. As the shoes wear down, there gets to be an increasingly greater distance between the shoes and the drum. Keep in mind that there is very little travel in the wheel cylinder pistons as you press the brake pedal. It reaches the point where there is very little braking going on at the rear wheels at all! Then there are the brake adjusters…

These things are made of some very corrosion susceptible Alloy. They have an Alloy body and a steel adjuster screw. On most MGBs, they are seized solid. Putting a big wrench on the adjuster screw “flats” will only strip the screw or shear it right off! Playing a welding torch flame on the adjuster body while gently “rocking” the adjuster screw will sometimes free them up.

To top it off, new adjusters have always been expensive.

Original Lockheed brand adjusters are now more than FOURTY bucks each. Chances are that you’ll need two.

We just brought in some County brand adjusters at a great low price.

These things look to be every good as the Lockheed adjusters, but at a fraction of the price.

If you install new adjusters and put a good smear of anti-seize lubricant on the adjuster screw threads, chances are that you’ll never suffer from seized adjusters again. This will allow you to actually adjust the rear brakes from time to time.

If your rear brakes are adjusted up the way they should be, the increased braking power will make driving more of a pleasure.

Fits any 63 – 80 MGB or MGB GT. Two needed.




MGB Rear Brake Drum

Fits all 68-80 “Tube Axle” cars.

In other words it fits everything after 1967.

Have your brake drums been turned once too often?

Here’s a great deal on brand new ones.

Also fits MGB GT.




MGB 62-67 Hand brake Cable (not for wire wheel cars)

Fits banjo axle cars only.



MGB 62-67 Hand brake Cable (correct for wire wheel cars)

Fits banjo axle cars only.




MGB 68 – 74 Handbrake Cable

These are good quality cables and they include the grease fitting for lubrication. This fitting is often missing on cables supplied elsewhere…

If your cable is seized, stretched, or starting to fray, here is your opportunity to get a new one on sale.

Fits 1968 – 1974 MGB or MGB GT. Not for cars with wire wheels though.



MGB 75-76 Hand brake Cable (not for wire wheel cars)




MGB 77-80 Hand brake Cable (not for wire wheel cars)