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Camshaft & Timing Components

MGB camshafts are not generally reusable.  If you pulled out the lifters and found the bottom of one or more of them damaged, you can be certain that the matching cam lobe(s) will be damaged as well.

Unfortunately, even one bad cam lobe wrecks the whole camshaft.

Your engine will run with a worn camshaft but performance will be poor.

When the cam wears, it is the top of the lobe that wears the most.  With the top of the lobe worn off, valve lift will be reduced.  Less valve lift means less engine breathing and consequently less horsepower produced.

Considering the entire cost of engine rebuilding, a replacement camshaft is really not that expensive.




Here are photos of early and late MGB valve lifters with badly pitted faces. If the bottom face of the lifter is pitted, you can bet that the corresponding camshaft lobe will be damaged for sure!





The cam lobe on the left is “dead”. You can see how much better the one on the right is.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see if there is significant camshaft wear…

Once you see one lobe lower than rest, or any lobes with pitting on top, you should be getting a new camshaft.



MGB Camshaft-factory stock grind for 1965 and later cars

We’ve been carrying a performance “Street Grind” camshaft for several years. Recently there have been calls for “standard” factory grind camshafts.

An MG enthusiast who is more concerned about smooth idling and no tuning issues may want to opt for a stock camshaft.

We now have in stock brand new XRN stock grind camshafts. They are made to original spec. for any 1965 – 1974 MGB. We recommend this cam for any 1975 – 1980 MGB as well. The later cams give lousy performance because of their emissions control orientation. Installing one of these cams in your 75 – 80 rubber bumper B’ will probably make it run better!

This is a new camshaft and is sold outright with no exchange needed.





MGB Performance Camshaft

Do you want a mild performance camshaft for your MGB at a reasonable price?  Who Doesn’t!!!

After years of dealing with reprofiled and reworked cams, we’re pleased to offer a brand new performance camshaft that’s affordable.

This cam has the following specs:

-Power Band 1800-5800 RPM

-Timing Figures 25/65   60/30

-Inlet Timing Full Lift 110 degrees

-Valve Clearance .016” COLD

The camshaft will provide a noticeable performance improvement over the stock “factory” grind. Since it is a “mild” cam, idle will not be unduly affected. Extra machine work will NOT be needed to use this cam. Expensive work like fly-cutting the pistons for valve clearance will be avoided by using this camshaft.

Installs easily in any 1965 – 1980 MGB or MGB GT.

Not suitable for MGA or three main MGB engines prior to 1965.

One last advantage that I almost forgot. SOLD OUTRIGHT-NO EXCHANGE REQUIRED.




Valve Lifters (cam followers)

New lifters are MANDATORY when installing a replacement camshaft.  Failure to install new lifters will wear out the new camshaft almost immediately and invalidate your warranty.

New lifters are reasonably priced and good insurance even if you are going to reuse your old camshaft.



Early Type Lifters

Fits all 1955-1971 MGB & MGA

8 required.




Late Type Valve Lifters

Fits all 72-80 MGB

8 required.




Check all eight of your pushrods for damage. Replace any that are suspect. Any significant wear marks or pitting on the ball ends will mandate replacement. Roll each pushrod on a flat surface to detect any bent ones.

Most 1963-1971 engines will use SHORT (8 ¾” length) pushrods to match the early type long lifters.

Most 1972-1980 engines will use LONG (10 9/16” length) pushrods to match the later type short lifters



MGB 63-71 Pushrod

8 required.  EN-PUSHR-11G241




MGB 72-80 Pushrod

8 required.  EN-PUSHR-12H3357