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MGB Fuel Pumps

We are offering a great deal on our Hardi fuel pumps for the MGB. These are high quality German made pumps and we have had excellent reliability with them over the past five years. There are almost no complaints or comebacks with them. I wish we could say the same for SU brand pumps…

We have sold more than 300 of these pumps and less than ten have come back defective.

In the MGB fuel pump business, that is phenomenal success!

These are metal bodied pumps with electronic actuation. They are NOT polarity sensitive. This makes installation trouble free.

This pump uses the same banjo fittings as the SU pump for any 65 – 80 MGB.

The pump is slightly smaller in diameter than the SU pump. Simply wrap a few turns of duct tape around the pump body before sliding it into its mounting grommet!

The Hardi brand pump is made in Germany. We import them from Hardi in Berlin and we must pay for them in Euros. Between a small price increase and a higher exchange rate, the price is going up. Why not get one now, before the price goes up???

MGB 65 – 80 Fuel Pump – Hardi brand.



Fuel Pump Installation Technical Service Notes

We offer these pointers to make fuel pump replacement as painless as possible.

There are a few VERY IMPORTANT points to keep in mind when installing a new fuel pump.

-Be sure that you DO NOT cross thread the banjo bolts when starting them into the fuel pump inlet & outlet holes. Sometimes these bolts are a fairly tight fit.

-Your fuel system must be free of rust and debris for the fuel pump to work faithfully.  MGB’s have a problem with rust in the gas tank.  The roof of the tank rusts.  The rust particles fall down into the fuel and then get sucked down the fuel line into the pump.

Rust or any other foreign material inside the pump will prevent the check valves from sealing.

If this occurs, there will not be sufficient fuel pumped for the engine to run properly.

Our suggestion:  Before installing a new fuel pump clean out the entire fuel system.  Some people have been known to install a fuel filter between the fuel tank and the fuel pump.

-The fuel pumps that we sell are guaranteed to work properly.  However, the guarantee does not cover damage or failure to operate due to the faults outlined above.

Most pumps that we inspect, that have been returned as defective, are full of dirt or rust.  Please heed the points above to prevent installation trouble.